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Updated: 9th November 2006

Stages of Kitten Development

Newborn: The kitten’s eyes are closed and it’s barely able to hear; however, its sense of touch is fully active.

1 to 2 weeks: The kitten is starting to hear sounds and look toward them. Its eyes are typically open by 2 weeks of age, although its eyesight is still poor. Its teeth begin sprouting just before 2 weeks.

3 weeks: The kitten’s sense of smell is almost fully developed, and it can see well enough to find and approach its mother. The kitten still has extremely limited walking abilities.

4 weeks: The kitten’s hearing is fully developed, and it’s beginning to eat solid food as part of the weaning process. It’s learning to walk and to play socially with its littermates.

5 weeks: The kitten’s sight is nearly fully developed. Its teeth are in place and it can eliminate on its own. It can run for brief periods and beginning to play and pounce, as well as groom itself and its littermates.

7 weeks: The kitten can regulate its body temperature and has developed adult sleeping patterns. It’s usually fully weaned by this time and is able to run, walk, play with toys and stalk objects.

7 to 14 weeks: This is a period of intensely active play as the kitten develops increased physical coordination and social skills. You’ll see chasing; play-fighting; leaping; pouncing and play with toys, littermates and tails.

14 to 30 weeks: The kitten’s baby teeth fall out and are replaced with new adult teeth.

6 months: Adolescent cats work out ranking in the household. This is the beginning of adult sexual behavior, so all non-breeding cats should be spayed or neutered before then.

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