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Privacy Notice

We respect your privacy and try to invade it as little as possible. Here’s how we use the information we collect from you. We use your email address to send out weekly newsletters announcing special sales, bonus offers, new products, and cat care tips. The newsletter is sent out by us. We don’t include other advertising in our newsletters. We never give out your email address to anyone else, nor do we use it to send advertisements for other companies. Just our newsletter, that’s it. If you don’t want to get our newsletter, there is an opt-out option at the bottom of each newsletter.

We use your mailing address to send out catalogs. To enable us to continue sending out free catalogs, we do occasionally rent names and addresses on our list to humane societies, cat-themed magazine & newsletter publishers, and gift catalogs. We carefully screen the offers that will be sent out before renting your name and address, and never allow distasteful or dishonest offers to be sent to you. You may request that we not rent your name and address by sending your request to: Cat Claws, Inc. , PO Box 1001, Morrilton, AR 72110.

We use your telephone number to contact you if you place an order with us and we have trouble processing and/or delivering your order. We won’t call trying to sell you something or asking for money, only if we need further information to get the products you have ordered to you. We don’t give your telephone number to any other company, either. We might give your telephone number to the FedEx or UPS delivery person IF they need directions to your house or have a problem delivering your package, but that is a rare occasion.

We use your credit card number to process your order. That’s it. We don’t give out any information regarding your credit card transactions or the items you have purchased. We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice at any time, but since we haven’t changed our privacy policy since the advent of email, it isn’t likely to happen any time soon. If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal information, please send a letter to:

Cat Claws, Inc.,
PO Box 1001
Morrilton, AR 72110.

Thank you!