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Nearly 1 in 5 us companies allow pets at work

Ear Facts
Cats can hear frequencies spanning 10.5 octaves
Cats can hear an entire octave higher than dogs
White cats, particularly those with blue eyes, are more likely to be deaf. These cats lose their hearing a few weeks after birth because the white gene indirectly causes the inner ear's sound receptor cells to die.

Signs of possible ear problems:
Discharge or bad smell
Scratching and rubbing the ears
Change in ear shape
Tilting the head to one side and walking in circles

A shiny coat is one of the best signs that your cat is in good health.
Excessive shedding may be a sign of poor nutrition

Brushing your cat helps decrease shedding and hairballs.

Providing a stimulating environment with a variety of toys will help out with your cats curiosity.

Make sure to check your cat's mouth for reddened, swollen gums, bleeding, or bad breath. Then consult your veterinarian if you see any problems.

When teaching your new kitten the rules of the house, you must be consistent. If your cat should not climb on your furniture then let kitty know from the very beginning that this is against the rules. The sooner you start training her what is and is not allowed in your home the better. Encourage everyone in your household to enforce the rules.

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